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It’s not the big fish eat the small…It’s the fast that eat the slow.Klaus Schwab, Founder of the World Economic Forum


IT Consulting

Be agile stay relevant!
IT-Projects are notorious for delays and budget overruns. Our focus on business relevant topics while at the same time understanding team and IT aspects of a project helps you to separate the buzzwords from reality. Use 20 years of project experience to your advantage!

The big picture matters!
A structured approach to ensure everyone understands all requirements and their priorities helps to make an informed decision about your next big investment. Many factors may make a seemingly good deal a real nightmare. We help you see through the jungle.   

Not just plug and play!
Real integration is more than wiring a network. It covers workflows, complex software interfaces and security topics.
With a background in electronics and software development we can advise you in all system integration aspects. 
We help you with the complexities.


Everything is a Workflow!
Technical or human tasks it all comes down to multiple steps that need execution in sequence i.e. a workflow. With a new approach to the long existing BPMN standard, the Camunda engine changed the way to automate  tasks.

We can help you build, lead and support your Camunda projects.

Java: Write once run anywhere!
From JCOP Java Card to desktop and web applications, we have worked on all things Java. These days we focus on Spring Boot web applications for the financial and other industries. With a workflow engine, Java is a winning combination for fast and robust applications.

Database Development!
Modelling relational databases and access from applications for processing and reporting. With various open-source products, we provide a cost effective and complete service to keep your business running.

Contract Software Maintenance!
You have a bespoke application but do not have access to maintenance resources anymore? With many years of experience we can help you keep your software up to date. Let’s talk about the many ways you can get the most out of your application.   

Web Presence

We provide a full range of services around your web presence.  Building a web site with pictures and information text is just the beginning. There are many other aspects to make your web presence relevant, appealing and ranked to show among the first positions in search engines.

Make your web site a 24/7 sales tool
With clear communication to your prospects and customers you have an ambassador and sales person available around the clock. Our knowledge in Search Engine Optimization to push your site to the front of search requests ensures that the site is easily visible to new customers. We help you to create appealing content with relevance and utility to visitors.

Production Tools which leave nothing to desire!
A full range of tools at our disposal allows us produce video and photographic visual content as well as graphics for logos and visual eye catchers. Also producing videos and professional cutting service may help you to get the optimal presentation of your company, products or services. 
For product sales we can implement secure web shop solutions with payment interfaces and, since we do have software development resources in-house also potential interfacing to your internal back-office systems of any kind.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation meeting.

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