Everything is a Workflow!
Technical or human tasks it all comes down to multiple steps that need execution in sequence i.e. a workflow. With a new approach to the long existing BPMN standard, the Camunda engine changed the way to automate  tasks.

We can help you build, lead and support your Camunda projects.

Java: Write once run anywhere!
From JCOP Java Card to desktop and web applications, we have worked on all things Java. These days we focus on Spring Boot web applications for the financial and other industries. With a workflow engine, Java is a winning combination for fast and robust applications.

Database Development!
Modelling relational databases and access from applications for processing and reporting. With various open-source products, we provide a cost effective and complete service to keep your business running.

Contract Software Maintenance!
You have a bespoke application but do not have access to maintenance resources anymore? With many years of experience we can help you keep your software up to date. Let’s talk about the many ways you can get the most out of your application.